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Happy Cinco de Mayo

So there was this Hispanic magician....  He tells his audience he is going to make himself disappear at the count of three.

Uno, dos,   POOF  He disappears without a tres,

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.   Joke courtesy of Ben Leavitt, artwork courtesy of Debora Buerk

Cinco de Mayo art debora

Purchasing and Growing Christmas trees - How to Buy or Produce Christmas Trees

Every time I see a car with a Christmas tree on the roof it brings a smile to my face.  Here is a great article on Christmas trees.
Every year millions of families shop for and buy a "real" cut Christmas trees from Christmas tree farms and local lots. According to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), 56 million trees are planted each year for future Christmases and 30 to 35 million families will shop and buy a "real" Christmas tree this year. (click for more info..)
By Steve Nix

via forestry.about.com


Just for Fun Look Up Tonight June 5th 2014

As many of you know I am a space buff and have always had a fascination for anything concerning our space program.  Something unusual tonight and early tomorrow morning is that we will have four opportunities to view the International Space Staions (ISS)  The first viewing is 9:58 PM, Visible for 6 minutes at a maximum height of 63 degrees, appears from the South West and disappears East North East.   At 11:35 PM, Visible for 6 minutes at a maximum height of 43 degrees, appears from the West and disappears East North East.   At 1:12 AM, Visible for 6 minutes at a maximum height of 45 degrees, appears from the West North West and disappears East.  Then at  2:49 AM, Visible for 6 minutes at a maximum height of 59 degrees, appears from the West North West and disappears South East.

The last few nights have been some of the best viewing I have ever seen.  Most people mistake the ISS for a large aircraft but it is easy to differentiate because it does not have any flashing lights.  Look close and see if you can see the solar array. 

Happy Viewing...


Your Home IS your castle

“You see a million bricks that may crumble, a thousand gutters and pipes that may block and leak, and stone that will crack in the frost … I see my life’s work.”

Downton Abbey,  Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham

Owning your own home and land, is something so common that we tend to forget how special it is and, in the scope of history, how rare and privileged.  Your new house can be the beginning of your family’s dynasty, every bit as precious as the fictitious Earl of Grantham’s massive castle and how you think of it can make it so.


Architects and designers agree that a home is always a work in progress, growing to suit the homeowners’ wants and needs, to suit their personalities and families.

Renee Garrison and Tom Szumlic, authors of Sweet Beams, argue that you should name your home.  “A person’s name is their dearest possession,” they write.  In that way, you are always headed to a place that is yours, not only home, but a special place with a name and spirit. To name your house, think of the qualities that characterize it: kinds of flowers, materials in the house itself, the location, the first owner, future owner. You can even post a plaque above the doorbell:       The Smiths of Water house.

“Store shelves are lined with books on how to wallpaper your kitchen or tile your bathroom floor, but there’s nothing about how to turn the place you live into a personal refuge,” Garrison says.  One way is to tell the story of your home, the authors say.

“Pass on the meaning of your home to your children as if it were a beautiful legend, and it is,” Garrison writes. “The legend will echo in their future homes.”

Above all, make your home a place of refuge for your family and guests.  Think of your home as your castle where you go to let go of stress, worry, and all the concerns of modern life.  Then cherish your home as it is and as you will make it as time goes on.  

Crowd Staging

Yesterday I was delighted to receive a call from a stager friend of mine, Rebecca Henderson of Alabaster Staging..

Rebecca:  Brian, I have a problem.  I am teaching a staging class this afternoon and the house we were going to stage just canceled.

Brian:  Tell me more.

Rebecca:  I have twenty students and we need a home to stage.  We will go through the home room by room, stage the entire home.  No cost to you or your client.

Brian:  It's your lucky day.  I am listing a home this afternoon at 2:00 PM and I have the most delightful seller in the world.  Let me give them a call. 

Brian, Calling back:  See you at the home 2:30 PM.

So at 2:30 the coolest thing ever.  Rebecca and Brandi Cernohlavek with 20+ of their students show up and start going through the home room by room.  What a blast.


A group of students is assigned to each room..


They go through each room and apply what they learned..


The seller was thrilled, the outcome fantastic.

Kitchen before..


and after..

KI Now

Living room before...


and after..

LR Now

We could go on and on but bottom line is Rebecca and Brandi and the class of February 2014 did an absolutely FANTASTIC job so a big thank you to all from me and a very pleased seller.


By the way.. great new listing in Issaquah Highlands.  Three bedroom in the Outlook.  $245,000 call me for details.

An older couple had a son..

An older couple had a son who was unable to decide about his future career. So they decided to do a small test.  They took a $10 bill, a bible, and a bottle of whiskey and put them on the front hall table ... then the couple hid.  The father said, "If our son takes the money, he will be a businessman, if he takes the Bible, he will be a priest,  but if he takes the bottle of whiskey, I'm afraid our son will be a drunkard."  The son arrived, took the $10 bill and slid it into his pocket. Then he took the Bible, looked it, and took it.  Finally he grabbed the bottle, opened it, and sniffed it. Then he left for his room, carrying all three items.  The father says: "Darn, it's even worse than I could ever have imagined. Our son is going to be a politician!"