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New Listing In Sammamish

Beautifully updated 4 bedroom 2.5 bath two story home on spacious private lot.  You will feel at home the second you step through the door.  Spacious living room with open floor plan for great room feeling. New carpets and new paint make this lovely home move in ready.  Glowing hardwood floors just refinished.  Kitchen is spacious, includes breakfast area and opens to family room.  This is a very  easy living floor plan and is close to shopping , award winning schools and easy I-90 commute. Living room 2
Living room 2
Living room 2
Living room 2
Living room 2

Market Insider July 28, 2016

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Market Area: 98075

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Ruling: Lender cannot suddenly change your locks if you miss mortgage payments | The Seattle Times

Score one for justice.  A number of times during the real estate downturn I assisted people who had their lien holder change the locks.  Good to see this finally getting dealt with.
Laura Jordan came home from work one day to find herself locked out. She had missed two mortgage payments, and the company servicing her loan had changed the locks without warning.


How wealthy is your neighborhood? This interactive map of Washington state will show you - Puget Sound Business Journal

This list ranks the state's neighborhoods or cities based on their affluence score. We looked at 12 statistical indicators to develop this score, including the poverty rate, median income, median home price and how those compare with the national averages.


And Sammamish takes home the bacon again coming in at number 4.

Nine of the top ten are Eastside communities.

Fire Prevention Week October 5-11

Theme for 2014: Smoke alarms save lives!

Not all fires are the same. There are two kinds of smoke alarm technologies in common use: ionization and photoelectronic. They detect two different types of fire, say the experts at

Ionization Smoke Alarms are the most popular kind sold in the United States. They monitor the electrically charged particles in the air. Smoke particles entering the sensing chamber change the electrical balance of the air. When combustion particles enter the smoke alarm, they obstruct the flow of the current. An alarm is pre-programmed to sound when the current gets too low.

SmokedetectorIonization smoke alarms respond first to fast flaming fires. A flaming fire devours combustibles extremely fast, spreads rapidly and generates considerable heat with little smoke. They are best suited for rooms, which contain highly combustible material such as:

1, Cooking fat/grease. 2, Flammable liquids. 3, Newspaper. 4, Paint. 5, Cleaning solutions.

Photoelectronic Smoke Alarms contain a light emitting diode (LED) which is adjusted to direct a narrow infrared light across the unit's detection chamber. When smoke particles enter this chamber they interfere with the beam and scatter the light. When a pre-set level of light strikes the photodiode, the alarm is activated.

Photoelectronic smoke alarms respond first to slow smoldering fires that generate large amounts of thick smoke with little heat and may smolder for hours before bursting into flames.

They are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This is because these rooms often contain large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses and counter tops, which will burn slowly and create more smoldering smoke than flames. They are also less prone to nuisance alarms in the kitchen area than ionization smoke alarms.

Crowd Staging

Yesterday I was delighted to receive a call from a stager friend of mine, Rebecca Henderson of Alabaster Staging..

Rebecca:  Brian, I have a problem.  I am teaching a staging class this afternoon and the house we were going to stage just canceled.

Brian:  Tell me more.

Rebecca:  I have twenty students and we need a home to stage.  We will go through the home room by room, stage the entire home.  No cost to you or your client.

Brian:  It's your lucky day.  I am listing a home this afternoon at 2:00 PM and I have the most delightful seller in the world.  Let me give them a call. 

Brian, Calling back:  See you at the home 2:30 PM.

So at 2:30 the coolest thing ever.  Rebecca and Brandi Cernohlavek with 20+ of their students show up and start going through the home room by room.  What a blast.


A group of students is assigned to each room..


They go through each room and apply what they learned..


The seller was thrilled, the outcome fantastic.

Kitchen before..


and after..

KI Now

Living room before...


and after..

LR Now

We could go on and on but bottom line is Rebecca and Brandi and the class of February 2014 did an absolutely FANTASTIC job so a big thank you to all from me and a very pleased seller.


By the way.. great new listing in Issaquah Highlands.  Three bedroom in the Outlook.  $245,000 call me for details.