No escape for priced-out Seattleites: Home prices set record for an hour’s drive in every direction | The Seattle Times

For the first time since before the recession, the entire central Puget Sound region — from Kitsap to Tacoma to Snohomish — has set new records for median home prices. And Seattle, which has been setting new price records every month, is now on the verge of a once-unthinkable milestone: $1 million for the typical house across some large neighborhoods.


A big day for Metropolitan Market in Sammamish

Metropolitan Market celebrates it's grand opening in Sammamish with record crowds.  Hundreds of people were lined up around the block for the 9:00 AM launch.  If you got a parking spot you were one of the lucky ones as cars were seen parked to the west as far as 218th Ave SE and pedestrians walked from Sammamish City hall to the north.  In attendance were the Sammamish City Council along with Sammamish Chamber of commerce members and Metropolitan Market employees from other stores.

Inside the market is an array of beautiful and artfully displayed foods of every sort.  The perimeter of the store features the meat, produce, deli and specialty items including the bakery cafe, pizzeria, poke bar and many more.  Truthfully it was hard to see everything because the store was packed with shoppers.  It is evident that this is exactly what Sammamish residents want.  The upscale nature,  high quality and extensive selection are clearly a home run.  The middle aisles of the market are the standard grocery items, staples, canned goods etc. still with the high quality and variety expected from the Metropolitan market stores.

As for me I am looking forward to enjoying the convenient location and 24 hour availability Metropolitan Market will provide.  See you at the market!

Met market

10 U.S. Markets With the Tightest Housing Supply |®

It’s a parched, scorching desert out there for many U.S. home buyers. For the past 28 months, the housing market has been defined not just by demand—which remains sky-high in many parts of the nation—but also by the shrinking number of available homes for sale. So what are the signposts of a tighter-than-tight marketplace? Buyers are jumping on® listings within seconds of their initial postings. Wanna-be homeowners are burrowing themselves into ever-scarcer, ever-busier open houses and going a little mad trying to get in the first bid. Real estate agents are knocking on hundreds of doors just to squeeze out one more listing.


Why are home prices so high? Seattle has 2nd-lowest rate of homes for sale in U.S. | The Seattle Times

Great article on home prices here.  When I do a market analysis I look at two parts.  The objective data which is the perspective of the appraiser and then the subjective value of the property.  The objective perspective is a look in the rear view mirror to determine value based on what has happened in the past.  The subjective perspective is looking at what top dollar is based on many more factors not the least of which is competition in the market place.  When you are selling your home and you are "the only game in town" you can command a much higher price. 
Why is it so expensive to buy a house in Seattle right now? Everyone seems to have someone to blame: Amazon, priced-out Californians, foreign buyers, developers tearing down old homes to build huge new ones.